To rank companies fairly, Toprow uses a proprietary rating algorithm system to compare the agencies with competitors. The ranking is based on the rating and reviews of clients that consists of particular industries, focus area, and locations. Here are some of the prime leads that matter in ranking criteria:
  1. Client Reviews: number, quality, newness and recency.
  2. Experience: duration of work experience.
  3. Market Presence: strong existence in the market.
  4. Reward: appreciation and award for providing good work.
  5. Services: the variety of services you offered
However, using all of the above-ranking criteria, we analyze the company's 'ability to deliver score' and 'focus score.'

Our team does their best analysis to evaluate the service provider as per the rating system. Besides, we still encourage buyers to proceed cautiously and analyze the service providers using their judgment.
While listing the companies, we do a thorough investigation that includes reviews of the previous and current projects. You may go through the profile to know better about the agency you want to choose for your project.

After registering with Toprow, you will be provided with a dashboard to view and manage the activities. It will ask for your ID and Password every time you log in for your security. The dashboard includes some of the options that assist you in managing your buyer portal. Following is the pattern of the dashboard:
Service Requests: Here, you can find the requests sent by the companies available in our listing.
Reviews: You can view all the reviews that you shared on the company's portal here.
Bookmarks: You can mark and save the selected companies.
Following: Check whom you are following.
Message Box: Use the chat box to share conversations with the agencies.
Account Settings: Change the account settings as per your convenience.

Yes, you can send messages directly to the service provided using the 'message box' section on the dashboard. After the approval of the admin, you will continue to connect and chat directly with the agency you chose.
This feature aims to provide you with a platform to verify and ask all your queries from the service provider for your existing or new project. The dashboard offers you a secure communication medium.

You can find all messages in your inbox or through Toprow's 'Message Box' chat feature.
As soon as the admin approves, you will receive message notifications of the service provider's response. Click on the "Message Box" section on the dashboard to connect and reply directly to the vendor.

Definitely, you can! You can go to the 'review' section on your buyer dashboard to write, view, and update your review. Here you will also get the 'delete' option to remove the review or opinion that you shared mistakenly.

Of course, it is. In the extensive list of top-notch IT companies, you will scroll and find the best services for your project. We encourage you to view all the details and ask your queries, if you have any, for deep understanding. You may browse for the budget-friendly agencies in your region that are recommended the most. Register now to find the top-picked agencies and obtain all the related benefits.

Have any other questions? Check our help page or contact support.